Yes we do! This is how our return/store credit policy works: You have 30 days from the time of your purchase. You must have your yellow receipt that was given to you at the time of purchase. If the item you purchased just doesn’t “FIT” or you CHANGED your mind, you will be given a store credit. A store credit is the amount of the item you are returning. EX: if you purchase a light for $80.00 and decide you’d you like something else, bring it back to us with your yellow receipt and you will receive an $80 store credit. To use it, bring the ticket with the store credit and you can put $80 towards whatever purchase you are making at any of our stores (Tools or Home Improvement or Large Appliances). If you at a different time want to purchase an item for $100 and have a $80 store credit, you would only be responsible for paying us $21.40. You already paid taxes on the $80. For RETURNS. If the item you purchased is broken to where it can NOT be used, you will receive your money back plus taxes. DISCLAMIER: We inspect 98% of the items that leave out of our store because we are a liquidation company and sometimes things happen. We are a small business and strive to do the right thing and make our customers happy with the understanding that our customers will follow and respect our policies. At the original time of purchase, you are required to sign your receipt that states our store credit/return policy. It is also posted everywhere in our stores to make sure you as the customer understand. ‌ We greatly appreciate your business. To remain in business and to be able to offer incredible discounts to the public, we have to stick with our policies.